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Our Artists

We have a wide range of Aboriginal artists from all over Australia who exhibit and sell their arts and crafts at Marra Dreaming. 

Artist Profile Picture for Kaurna Elder Cherie Watkins

Cherie Watkins


Cherie is of Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna descent. She first entered her work into exhibitions at Adelaide Mission and Kingston House in 1974.

Her passion for art has continued into silks, canvases, weaving, healing stones and teaching these arts & crafts to younger generations of Aboriginal people.

Artist Profile Picture for Belinda Wilson

Belinda Wilson 


Belinda is a talented Indigenous artist. She was born in Raukkan, South Australia and is a Ngarrindjeri woman.

Belinda enjoys painting and gardening.

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Lesley Raymond-Hearn


Lesley is a young Indigenous artist who was born in Alice Springs, Northern Territory and now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He enjoys painting, cooking and fishing.

Artist Profile Picture for Thomas Snow

Thomas Snow


Thomas was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1990 and is a descendant of the Stolen Generation. He is a new and upcoming artist who has recently developed his passion for art. 

Thomas is a mentor for Aboriginal youth as well as a coordinator for Marra Dreaming's Indigenous Employment Program.

Artist Profile Picture for Raylene Snow

Raylene Snow

Raylene is a descendant of the Stolen Generation. She was born in Darwin, Northern Territory in 1958 and currently resides in Adelaide. Raylene is one of the founding members of Marra Dreaming and is an award winning Indigenous artist, skilled at creating and teaching craftwork, painting and murals. 

Artist Profile Picture for Samantha Snow

Samantha Egan


Samantha was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1988 and is a descendant of the Stolen Generation. She is a talented and successful emerging Indigenous artist and  has won multiple awards for her paintings.

Samantha acknowledges her mother (Indigenous artist, Raylene Snow) as her most important mentor and influence.

Artist Profile Picture for Grace Napangardi Butcher

Grace Napangardi Butcher


Grace is a Walpari woman from Northern Australia.

A talented Indigenous artist, Grace paints about her Dreaming, Bush Bananas, in energetic paintings full of vibrant colour.

Artist Profile Picture for Denise Rowe

Denise Rowe


Denise is a Luritja woman from Alice Springs, Northern Territory. She has recently dicovered a talent for painting and enjoys producing her stories in a visual way.

Denise is also a proud mother of two children.

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